Wastewater Treatment & Clean Water Solutions for Commercial

100% natural eco cleaners & wastewater cleaning products for Commercial are the natural way to stop odours and are safe for your workers.

Commercial Septic and Wastewater Treatment Systems

The old septic tank has been the mainstay of domestic wastewater treatment for many years. Invented by a Frenchman in the 1860’s, it has served us well; even up to today, if you aren’t serviced by the local municipal treatment plant (sewerage) it is one of your options for reliable, safe treatment of our domestic waste. More recently replaced by the multi-chambered, Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), which is just a more efficient version, but still relying on a concentration of the natural bacteria that is introduced into the system from our bodily waste to do the treatment job. Mostly, these systems work with little more than regular servicing and require nothing more from us other than economical use of cleaning chemicals to keep operating, but sometimes for instance, when someone in our household is taking strong medication, the treatment system can become “sluggish” – usually accompanied by that familiar “bad toilet” odour!

Rejuvenates sluggish systems and manages overloading of known contaminants e.g. milk, coffee, juices, alcohol and most chemicals.

Your consultant can advise how to dose your system to control peak-time bacterial flushing and down-time bacterial starvation.

Dams, Ponds And Troughs – Commercial

Whether your water body is natural, man-made, decorative or commercial you are dealing with a complex eco-system that is susceptible to changes in in-flow, climate and aquatic lifeforms which heavily impact on the health of the water body.

In all eco-systems bacteria plays an important role in the breakdown and decay of organic matter that finds its way into the pond.

This organic matter can be composed of decaying vegetation, animal manure, fish excrement and decomposing animal carcasses. The decay of these components breaks down into an excess nutrient that is the food source for algaes and other weeds.

Heavy seasonal rain also adds to the nutrient levels with the introduction of extra nitrogen. Algae blooms usually follow increases in temperature and/or heavy rainfall. Consider that inflow can be made up of silt, fertilizers and debris runoff after rain.


A wastewater system rejuvenator (for both Septic Systems and Wastewater Treatment Systems). With a simple monthly maintenance dose you also get the advantage of effective drain and grease trap cleaning and odour elimination!

Septic Clean contains high concentrations of powerful beneficial bacteria for use in waste water systems (septics and treatment systems) to digest organic matter. Once introduced into the system the bacteria keeps multiplying until all of the food source (waste material) is consumed. System maintenance can be helped with the use of non-chemical cleaners such as Septic Science Bio Spray Cleaner.

Bring back the balance to your home wastewater treatment system! Septic systems can become sluggish due the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or some medications. Septic Clean restores the natural biological balance so your treatment system can operate as it should.

Septic Clean

Household cleaning is easier and safer to the environment with Septic Science’s Bio Spray Multipurpose Cleaner.

With a light lemon fragrance and a specially formulated bacteria this gentle cleaner is a great alternative to the multipurpose sprays on the market with the added advantage of NO HARSH CHEMICALS!

Use it on all hard surfaces, even stainless steel and glass! It polishes up effortlessly! Clean up around the kitchen and laundry sinks. Anything that gets washed down the drains actually helps keep drains clear of blockages from the fats, oils and greases generated by our daily lives!

Bio Spray

Septic Science’s Dam Clean’s unique formulation of amino acids, oxygenation and high concentrations of specially selected beneficial bacteria ensure high rates of biomass growth.

This rapid biomass growth is what gives Dam Clean the ability to quickly digest organic solids and remove the need for costly and messy mechanical removal of sludge from manure lagoons.

Working from the bottom up Dam Clean consumes the nutrients that algae need to survive leaving irrigation and watering dams clean and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. Dam Clean is a proven, cost effective and environmentally sound solution for your dam’s health. It will not harm fish or other aquatic life and comes in 100g or 250g soluble bags that dissolve easily and safely on contact with water.

Dam Clean

Decorative garden ponds transform home gardens into a tropical oasis, filled with birdlife, fish and all the frogs, bees, butterflies you can imagine – they crown a well-loved home environment.

Looking after the health of your ponds require nothing more than a regular application of our Pond Clean product! Full of the beneficial bacteria that maintain the balance essential for healthy aquatics.

Pond Clean is a proven, environmental and cost effective solution for cleaning ponds without chemicals that may harm marine life.

A unique formulation of amino acids, oxygenation and high concentrations of specially selected beneficial bacteria quickly digest organic solids and remove nutrients that algae need to survive. Keeps on working until all the slime and unwanted algae is gone.

Pond Clean Large

Trough Clean is a simple, economic and environmental alternative to cleaning troughs, without chemicals that may harm thirsty livestock. Designed to biologically reduce sludge and control odour, making water clean and drinkable.

Trough Clean uses selected bacillus bacteria to digest organic waste. Each strain produces multiple enzymes resulting in an extremely powerful and effective biological treatment.

• Reduce algae.
• Reduce sludge volume & suspended solids.
• Control odour.
• Makes water clean and drinkable
• No manual cleaning required.
• No need to empty the trough to clean!
• No harm to plastic or concrete troughs.

Trough Clean

Full of good bacteria UV Clean is unlike any other cleaner on the market! Containing billions of friendly bacteria, its scientifically proven to breakdown organic matter into simple chemical compounds, found naturally in the environment. On contact, our bacteria work like an efficient army of cleaners on messes & stains, getting to work straight away producing enzymes to break down the organic matter that cause stains and odours. Feeding on the waste particles & converting it to simple natural compounds, all the while multiplying, producing enzymes and feeding until the stains & odour have gone.

UV Clean is a unique formulation of good bacteria and enzymes specially formulated to clean the residue from animal and human vomit, urine, faeces, sweat and a number of other biological spills. Simply scrape up the solids and wet the area thoroughly with UV Clean and allow to dry naturally. In hot, dry weather, it will help to mist the affected area with water to maintain a moist environment for the bacteria to go to work or keep covered for a couple of hours with a damp towel where possible.