Pond Clean (large) – 4 x 100gm bag (Treats 10,000L p/bag)




Pond Clean’s unique formulation of amino acids, oxygenation and high concentrations of specially selected beneficial bacteria ensure high rates of biomass growth.

Working from the bottom up, Pond Clean consumes the nutrients that Algae need to survive leaving the pond clean and clear. Traditional algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. The bacteria at the bottom of the pond will digest algae as it sinks. Rapid biomass growth removes the need for costly and messy mechanical or chemical removal of sludge and algae from ponds without the need to remove plants or fish.

It is also perfect for the establishment of new ponds. Pond Clean is a proven, cost effective and environmentally sound solution for your pond. It will not harm fish or other aquatic life and comes in 100g soluble bags that dissolve easily and safely on contact with water.

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 cm