Bacteria Based Wastewater and Water Remediation Products

    Welcome to the first step to achieving a 100% chemical-free environment for your home, property, caravan or boat.

    Wastewater isn’t the nicest of subjects to discuss, but like death and taxes we’re all going to be exposed to it sometime in our lives. We can hide it, or treat it, but we all pay for it’s disposal in some way. Bacteria based solutions are not always the least expensive, but they are the most effective at dealing with everything from camp toilets right up to commercial trade waste.

    Here at Septic Science, we are offering some of the most advanced bacteria based products that can be specially formulated to domestic, mobile, agricultural, commercial and specific trade waste disposal situations.

    Domestic Septic and Wastewater Treatment Systems

    The old septic tank has been the mainstay of domestic wastewater treatment for many years. Invented by a Frenchman in 1860, it has served us well; even up to today, if you aren’t serviced by the local municipal treatment plant (sewage) it is one of your options for reliable, safe treatment of our domestic waste. More recently replaced by the multi-chambered, Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), which is just a more efficient version, but still relying on a concentration of the natural bacteria that is introduced into the system from our bodily waste to do the treatment job. Mostly, these systems work with little more than regular servicing and require nothing more from us other than economical use of cleaning chemicals to keep operating, but sometimes for instance, when someone in our household is taking strong medication, the treatment system can become “sluggish” – usually accompanied by that familiar “bad toilet” odour!


    It’s at these times a dosing of Septic Clean bacteria will bring the system back into balance! With a concentration of 6 strains of bacillus bacteria and other plant based enzymes, Septic Clean goes to work on the gasses that we associate with a bad septic then start the process of treating the waste and bringing the system back to a biological balance. It’s wise to use Septic Clean as a maintenance product to make sure the balance is kept.

    RV and Marine Wastewater Solutions

    Wastewater is not what you think of when you’re considering adventure in the great outdoors, but it’s what we SHOULD be taking very seriously. Our ability to caravan freely around Australia depends not only on purchasing the caravan and the vehicle to tow it but also our impact on the environment as we travel around.

    There are now over 600,000 registered caravans and campers in Australia contributing to overworked and underfunded municipal wastewater management plants. The amount of chemical that we are using to treat our portable waste is contributing significantly to the problems. At this rate, as an industry, we aren’t exactly sustainable. We have to make a big push towards a “Chemical Free” industry before it’s too late.

    Our wastewater products are 100% chemical free. Containing only good bacteria and plant based enzymes that treat waste in our holding tanks and cassettes producing an effluent that is actually BENEFICIAL to country septic systems! It’s going to be a long road to having a “Chemical-Free” certification for caravans and boats, but at least we can slow our dependence on chemicals, one boat or caravan at a time!

    We’d love to discuss your specific wastewater treatment needs. We have a wide range of products so more than likely have an “off-the-shelf” solution to your needs, but we have access to the knowledge of wastewater engineers that can design a specific system/consumable solution.

    Call us on 1300 991 948 to discuss.

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