RV and Marine Wastewater Treatment – 1kg /200days/50doses



RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment Containing 1 billion bacteria per gram, RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment heralds the end of sharing your RV, Caravan or houseboat with smelly holding tanks! The specifically selected blend of bacteria produce multiple enzymes that work quickly to digest organic matter, out-competing the nasty odour producing species normally present, thereby eliminating the cause of the odours before they have a chance to take hold. Emptying holding tanks is also much easier when you have billions of helpers working day and night to make sure there is no build up of solids and that the contents remains liquefied. With no harsh chemicals RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment is much safer to handle and will also cause no harm to the environment or you!


Portable or Caravan Toilet Cartridges (20 litres) simply flush 1 scoop (20gm) down the toilet with 1 Litre of water prior to use. Repeat every time the cartridge is emptied.

Grey Water  Holding Tanks simply wash 1 scoop (20gm) down the sink or shower drain prior to use when holding grey water in sullage tank. Repeat every time the tank is emptied and due to be used again. Please note: Grey Water will become septic within 72 hours of holding.

Black Water Holding Tanks flush 1 scoop 20gm) with 1 litre of water down toilet. As waste accumulates you can add another scoop from time to time to accomodate the extra waste until the holding tank is emptied. This means you are not using more product than necessary as we tend to empty when a dump site is available (sometimes the tanks is not yet full).

This product will also work if used with fresh, brackish or sea water.

Cassettes in use longer than 3 days may need a 1 teaspoon refresher dose.

No Flushing Required when you use RV Marine Wastewater Cleaner & Conditioner to clean the bowl after urine only deposits – this saves precious water when bush camping. The Cleaner also has a pleasant fragrance and works like a room deodoriser.

General Cleaning:  Clean around the kitchen, bathroom, shower and toilet area with a spray of Bio Spray All Purpose Cleaner will make sure no chemical gets into the waste and sullage systems that may cause bacteria die-off.

Additional information

Weight .99 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 13 cm