The Science Behind Cleaning Your Trough

Trough water often contains food particles and saliva from animals’ mouths. Our warm temperatures and sunlight further promote the growth of bacteria and algae. Only regular cleaning of the trough keeps the water clean fresh and fit for your livestock. Positioning the trough in the shade will lessen its exposure to heat and light and keep the water fresher.

An Easy Way to Keep Clean Water in the Trough

We have a solution if you’re looking for a simple, economical, environmentally friendly product, without chemicals that could harm thirsty livestock, and a product that alleviates manual cleaning.

Trough Clean uses strains of bacillus bacteria to produce multiple enzymes, resulting in a powerful and effective biological treatment that digests organic waste and gives you clean and drinkable water.

Benefits of using our horse trough cleaner:

  • No manual cleaning/scrubbing
  • No emptying of the water trough while cleaning
  • No damage to plastic or concrete troughs
Trough Clean

Initial Dosage:
Introduce 1 x 100gm soluble bag per 200Lt water or 1 x 250gm bag per 500Lt.
After a couple of days, scoop out dislodged algae, sludge and waste that floats to the surface!

Maintenance Dosage:
Apply monthly as required.

Livestock and horses will love the new fresh tasting water!

Trough Clean Before & After