Introducing RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment

RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment is a 100% natural wastewater treatment solution for eliminating odours and keeping your septic toilets and tanks balanced and hygienic.

RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment contains over one billion freeze-dried bacteria cells per gram and means an end to sharing your RV, caravan or houseboat with smelly toilet cassettes! The hand-picked blend of bacteria produces multiple enzymes that work quickly to digest organic matter, and our bacteria outcompetes the odour-producing species.

Septic holding tanks (black water and grey water) are now also much easier to empty as the remains are liquefied and thus easier to be pumped out. The absence of traditional RV toilet chemicals allows you to (legally) dump directly into home or commercial septic systems.

RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment is also completely safe for use in septic and waste water treatment systems. Our product does not contain deadly commercial or marine toilet chemicals, making it suitable for all types of flushing and composting toilets in RVs and even port-a-potties.

Read our comprehensive brochure for more info about RV & Marine Wastewater Treatment.

RV Marine Wastewater Treatment