Non-Toxic Dam Cleaner

Our bacterial water treatment products are 100% natural and safe for your fish, pets, and wildlife. Our dam cleaner works effectively to clear odours and murky water as well as balancing nutrient levels in ponds and dams to prevent green water and algae.

Managing the build-up of organic material at the bottom of your dam can prevent the need for machine dredging later. Dam Clean is a non-invasive way to maintain the health of your dam without introducing chemicals to the environment.

Clean Water Solutions

Septic Science’s Dam Clean has a unique formulation of amino acids, oxygenation, and high concentrations of specially selected beneficial bacteria. This combination ensures high rates of algae and floating weed die-off, making dam cleaning simple.

Working from the bottom up, Dam Clean consumes the nutrients algae need to survive, leaving irrigation and watering dams clean and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae, which then sinks to the bottom, increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms.

Bacteria’s ability to multiply to a required level is what gives Dam Clean the ability to quickly digest organic solids and remove the need for costly and messy mechanical removal of sludge.

Dam Clean

Improve the Health of Your Dam’s Ecosystem

Dam Clean is a proven, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solution for your dam’s health. Our dam cleaner will not harm fish or other aquatic life and comes in 100g or 250g soluble bags that dissolve easily and safely on contact with water.

Product Specifications
PH range: 6 -10 Temperature Range: 5°c – 55°c

4 Bags, 8 Bags, 16 Bags, 32 Bags, 56 Bags, 80 Bags.

NOTE: Dams with excessive algae coverage or times of higher growth rates (September through to December) require up to double the recommended dose.

Dam Volume Calculator (Length x Width x Depth) For Initial Doses ONLY

Dam Volume Calculator (by Square Meters) For Initial Doses ONLY