Bacterial Septic Cleaner Solutions

Septic Science offers a wastewater system rejuvenator for both septic systems and wastewater treatment systems. With a simple monthly maintenance dose, you get the advantage of effective drain and grease trap cleaning and odour elimination.

Septic Clean contains high concentrations of potent beneficial bacteria for use in wastewater systems (septic tanks and treatment systems) to digest organic matter. System maintenance can be helped using non-chemical cleaners such as Septic Science Bio Spray Cleaner.

Balance Your Home Wastewater Treatment System

Septic systems can become sluggish due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or some medications. Septic Science can restore the natural biological balance so your treatment system can operate as it should using freeze-dried bacteria to seed or replenish depleted bacteria levels in your system.

These bacterial imbalances will occur in every natural ecosystem from time to time. The imbalance may simply be seasonal. Cold or hot weather can cause the existing bacteria to become either sluggish or die off faster than usual.

The imbalance could also be unintentionally caused by someone, but it does need to be rectified. It could be as simple as the family being on medication for colds or flu during the winter months or someone who has helped clean your house using the wrong products.

Some climatic changes can also cause an overgrowth of certain types of bacteria in the system that will cause excessive foaming within the system. Introducing our good bacteria will get the balance back again. Our septic tank cleaner is safe to use in pipes and drains.

Maintenance Dosage

Simply flush a 20ml scoop down a toilet, the kitchen sink, and one other drain outlet in the house once a month with cool to warm water (not hot). Rotate through all the drains including the shower, bath, vanities, laundry, floor drains and other toilets monthly until all drains have been treated.

The bacteria wake on contact with water and start to multiply within 15 minutes. They will start to digest the solids as well as the fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from the drain lines on their way down to the grease traps, septic tanks, or treatment system. Once in the tanks, they will continue to digest solids and FOG. This digestion process will reduce fats, clogging, or sludge that have built up.

They will then travel down to the septic trenches to do more cleaning or be killed off in the disinfection chamber of a treatment system before the water is irrigated to your garden. The bacteria will also die down to a normal level when the sludge and fat levels (food sources) are depleted.

Septic Clean

How to Rejuvenate Old Septic Systems or Seed New Systems

Using Septic Clean, you can create a bacterially balanced base for a new system or revive a system that is experiencing issues with buildup and odour.

Problem Systems or Accidental Overdose of Cleaning Products

Some systems will have problems that have built up over the years, or someone has used a cleaning product that has impacted the health of your system. In this case, perform thorough septic tank cleaning  by dosing the system every week as above for a month (or as required) to bring the system back to health. Then, resume the normal maintenance dosage.

New Systems or Recently Pumped-Out Systems

To seed a new tank and eliminate startup odours, dose as per Problem Systems (above). Septic Clean comes in a range of package sizes depending on the size of your treatment plant. If you are unsure which size to buy for your system, give us a call and we will guide you. The options include:

  • 1kg – 12 months
  • 500gm – 6 months
  • 250gm – 3 months (approx.)

Refresh Your Septic System

It’s essential to reduce buildup by never flushing foreign materials down the drain and not using bleach in your system. Try our 100% natural bacterial septic cleaner for eliminating odours and keeping your septic tank biologically balanced and healthy.