All-purpose Bio Spray Protects Your Family

Our Bio Spray multipurpose cleaning spray is a 100% natural cleaning product suitable for the whole house. Our eco-friendly multipurpose cleaners and air fresheners are perfect for use in every room in your home, and because they are free from chemicals, they are safe for your family and great for the environment.

A Fragrant Cleaner That is Safe for the Environment

Household cleaning is easier and safer for the environment with Septic Science’s Bio Spray Multipurpose Cleaner. This multipurpose spray has a light lemon fragrance and contains specially formulated bacteria. It’s a gentle cleaner and is an excellent alternative to the multipurpose cleaning products on the market with the added advantage of NO HARSH CHEMICALS!

Keep Your Drains Clear From Blockages the Natural Way

Our fragrant bio spray is perfect for all hard surfaces, even stainless steel, and glass. It polishes up effortlessly. You can safely use it to clean up around the kitchen and laundry sinks. Friendly bacteria break down organic matter that gets washed down the drains into natural compounds found in the environment.  It’s the perfect multipurpose cleaning spray to keep drains clear of blockages caused by all the fats, oils, and grease generated in our daily lives.

Bio Spray