RV & Marine Cleaner Conditioner 2.5Lt



Perfect for caravan, marine and composting toilets. Fast acting, good bacteria and pleasant smelling deodoriser that helps mask unpleasant odour while the bacteria is working and also conditions toilet seals.

Key benefits
• Deodorises and cleans toilet bowls.
• Use instead of flushing for urine deposits
• Great for composting toilets
• Removes uric acid deposits
• Septic tank safe
• Safe for all plumbing types
• Biodegradable and sustainable
• Keeps working after application
• Reduces pipe blockages
• Non-hazardous formula

The RV Marine Cleaner & Conditioner cultured bacteria digest organic matter to clean your toilet bowl by creating digestive enzymes that help bio-degrade complex compounds.

This is an effective deodoriser/cleaner you can use in caravan and camping toilets, composting toilets or at home & work. It is suitable for all septic and composting situations!

Additionally, this is a biodegradable product that does not have a dangerous goods classification and or pose risk in terms of materials handling and transport.
2 year shelf life after opening.

Directions. Spray Around Bowl After Use
With Or Without Flushing

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 24 cm


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