Septic Clean – Commercial Pack – 5KG



Septic Clean is a septic system rejuvenator, grease trap cleaner and septic drain cleaner that eliminates odours, blockages and excess sludge. Containing high concentrations of powerful beneficial bacteria for use in waste water systems (septics and treatment systems) to digest organic matter. Once introduced into the system the bacteria keeps multiplying until all of the food source (waste material) is consumed. System maintenance can be helped with the use of non-chemical cleaners such as Septic Science Bio Spray Cleaner. Perfect to seed new or recently pumped-out systems.

DOSAGE: Call your consultant for dosing schedule as each application will require consideration and individual dosing rates. Call 1300 991 948 to discuss.

Additional information

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 21 cm